"Announced the signing of a contract with Ford Motor Company to supply them with a DME fuel system for a single cylinder alternative fuels/emissions research project."    
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Alternative Fuel Technologies (AFTC)

"AFTC's Low Cost Fuel Injection Equipment Has Been Used by Volvo Truck Corp. Since 1995."


Alternative Fuel Technologies (AFTC) is a research & development organization engaged in the design, development and prototype manufacturing of advanced fuel systems for use with a new alternative fuel -- dimethyl either (DME). 

AFTC has developed practical, low-cost fuel injection equipment for DME fueled vehicles and currently provides complete DME fuel systems for testing and research purposes in addition to retrofit systems that can be used with most diesel engines. The company's ultimate goal is series production of DME fuel systems for the global automotive market by 2011. The company’s highly experienced specialists also anticipate increased prototype and military sales in 2009 and 2010.

Volvo Powertrain has been demonstrating trucks and engines running in Sweden using AFTC’s fuel technology for fourteen years. AFTC recently completed an agreement to supply prototype fuel systems to Ford of Europe (Aachen, Germany) for research purposes. The Company also recently announced it will be doing a test project with the U.S. Army. It is developing an advanced diesel fuel injection system for the military that will operate on jet fuel.

About DME

DME is a new ultra-clean diesel fuel replacement that can be produced from abundant resources. These include natural gas, landfill methane, coal and biomass. At current oil prices, DME can be produced and distributed at 1/4 to 1/2 the cost of conventional fuel, depending on the source. When burned in a diesel engine, all soot emissions are eliminated and NOx emissions are lowered dramatically without the use of expensive exhaust after treatment devices.

AFTC Investor Highlights

  • Recently completed an agreement to supply prototype fuel systems to Ford of Europe (Aachen, Germany) for research purposes.

  • Volvo Powertrain has been demonstrating trucks and engines running in Sweden using AFTC’s fuel technology.

  • Is developing an advanced diesel fuel injection system for the military that will operate on jet fuel.

  • The company has experienced significant success in selling their prototypes, which is evidenced by its recent sales and ongoing relationships with entities as substantial as the US ARMY and the Korean Institute for Energy Research (KIER), which is a South Korean Government Agency.

  • With more then 5.8 million diesel engines currently registered in Korea alone, the growth potential into Asia is still in its infancy. DME production in China has quadrupled from 2006 to 2007 and expected to steadily increase in the coming years.

  • Announced President and CEO Jim McCandless has been invited back to Washington, DC to offer insight on how his alternative fuel and related technologies are capable of reducing fuel costs for the United States Military.

  • Announced that it has received a Phase 1 SBIR1 from the United States Army to assess the acceptability of running jet fuel (JP-8) in a very high pressure (30,000 psi) diesel fuel injection system.

  • Announced the Company has successfully completed a Phase 1 SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) project and has submitted a draft final report.

  • Announced the Company has successfully completed a Phase 1 SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) project for the Army and has submitted a draft final report.

  • Announced that Volvo Powertrain visited AFTC's offices recently to see the latest DME developments and to discuss supplying Volvo with AFTC's new DME high pressure pump for combustion and emissions development. Volvo already has six DME fuel systems and has been working with AFTC since 1995.

  • Announced that after the signing of a contract with Ford Motor Company to supply them with a DME fuel system for a single cylinder alternative fuels/emissions research project, the Company is on schedule to make delivery of the DME Fuel System in August of this year.

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Business Model

AFTC has developed practical, low cost fuel injection equipment for DME fueled vehicles. Volvo Truck Corp. (in Sweden) has been using AFTC's fuel systems in field demonstrations and in laboratory research since 1995.

Although others have demonstrated DME fueled vehicles (in Japan, Korea and China), the fuel injection systems used were converted diesel systems that are not technically feasible for production.

DME is an ultra-clean diesel fuel replacement that can be manufactured at low cost from abundant resources, including stranded natural gas, coal and biomass. Biomass sources include corn stover (corn stalk waste), switch grass, prairie grass, black liquor (from pulp mills) wood wastes and others. Today, the cost of producing DME1 is only ¼ to ½ of diesel fuel produced from crude oil, depending on the feed stock used. 

DME is an extremely clean burning fuel that does not produce any particulate (PM) emissions (black smoke). In 1998, the State of California identified diesel PM as a toxic air contaminant based on its potential to cause cancer, premature death, and other health problems. In addition to eliminating PM, DME radically lowers emissions of NOx, HC & SOx. Preliminary test data indicate that US 2010 exhaust emission regulations can be met without the use of particulate traps or NOx catalysts. These devices add an estimated $5000 to the cost of a heavy-duty truck and $2500 to a diesel passenger car. 

DME lowers lifecycle CO2 emissions (a green house gas that causes global warming) when it is produced using biomass feedstock. If we could switch all internal combustion engines to burn BioDME, we could significantly slow global warming. 

DME is a multi-purpose fuel in that it can be used as a propane replacement for home heating and cooking, a gas turbine fuel for power generation, and as a fuel for diesel  powered vehicles.

Because of its low cost, abundant feed stocks, low emissions and versatility of use, DME is rapidly being exploited in Asia. The Chinese, Japanese and Koreans are investing heavily in DME, both in R&D and the construction of production facilities. There are four major organizations in the world that are working to bring DME to market as a diesel fuel replacement. These organizations are: International DME Association ; Japanese DME Forum ; Korean DME Forum ; and the Chinese DME Association. 

Several hundred major companies are members of these groups, including Shell Global Research, Total, Volvo, Isuzu, Indian Oil Co., JFE Holdings, Korea Gas, Lurgi, Haldor Topsoe, Methanex, XINAO, etc. Already China is producing more than1 Million tons/year of DME for cooking and heating and plans are in place and underway to produce 20 million tons/year by 2020. 

AFTC is now working on our 4th generation system that is intended for production in 2011. This “Production Intent” design has 1/3 fewer parts than previous designs and can operate at 50% higher pressures. It has been designed to be manufactured on flexible and low cost CNC equipment to minimize CAPEX and maximize shareholder return. 

Passenger Car DME Fuel System (Production Intent)

To summarize, AFTC and many others believe that DME can and will:

• Significantly reduce fuel costs

• Lower both engine exhaust and overall CO2 emissions

• Improve global energy security.

Further, the Company is convinced that AFTC’s fuel system technology leads the world and will become a successful and profitable product beginning in 2011.


Jim McCandless - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. McCandless has been Chief Executive Officer of Alternative Fuel Technologies from 2005 to the present. He founded the company to further develop DME fuel system technology for passenger car, medium and heavy-duty trucks & buses.

His accomplishments include:

  • Producing 6 DME fuel systems for Volvo Truck. 

  • Demonstrating Truck (Euro V) across Europe. 

  • Designing “production intent” common rail fuel injection system. 

  • Developed compact DME feed pump to transfer fuel from tank to injection system.

  • Built & tooled CNC & precision grind shop. 

  • Started AVL’s first engineering organization in the USA. 

  • Invented and developed advanced fuel injection system for DME. 

  • Promoted DME around the World…7 Countries, 50 presentations.

  • Demonstrated ultra-low emissions and noise on both passenger car and heavy-duty truck diesel engines burning DME. 

  • Director of Engineering 1986–1993 Navistar Engine & Foundry Div Melrose Park, IL. 

  • Vice President Engineering 1982–1986 Kohler Co.-Engine Div Kohler, WI.

  • Division Chief Engineer 1968-1969 Teledyne Continental Motors (Military Diesel Engines). 1966-1967 US Navy Reserve-Swift Boat Combat Service, Vietnam.

  • Over 12 US Patents Awarded.

  • Lloyd L. Winthrow (SAE) award for excellence in oral presentations.

  • Published numerous SAE papers and made hundreds of technical oral presentations.


Alternative Fuel Technologies

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